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The Purpose Of The Financial Crisis Was To Bring Down The USA and the Dollar

Mar 08, 2011 23:47 ET | Marketwire LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA–(Marketwire – March 8, 2011) – Written by investigative author John Truman Wolfe, Crisis by Design, revealed that the purpose of the financial crisis was to bring down the United States and the US dollar as the stable point in international finance, and to replace them […]

The Extinction of the US dollar

February 23, 2011|Hudson Valley Press – More Than News The dollar, and much of America’s economic autonomy, may be the next two endangered species created by the global economic crisis – and the two events may actually be linked, according to one expert.

John Truman Wolfe on Fox & Friends

John Truman Wolfe is interviewed on Fox News!

Mind Games – Trailer

We think JTW is one of the first authors to produce a live-action trailer for a book! Check it out.