“Thank you for the enlightenment. Your laser of truth will penetrate all the lies and expose the truth which we suffer in short supply. You have helped others expand their value as citizens of this great nation.”

Dr. Conrad Maulfair

“You are providing an essential understanding here. We, as ‘citizens,’ need to understand the increased danger of the age old game now being played out on a world wide level – the exploitation by the ‘few’ of the labor and property of the many. Thank you for a clear view!”

Glen Wahlquist

“Finally, a book that reveals the Root Causes of the Worldwide Economic Crash, why it happened, where it is headed and what you can do about it.
“I don’t like the idea that our country is so manipulated by the Federal Reserve and their cohorts in the international banking community that our Republic is dying at their whim. Thanks for enlightening us. I hope it will be a wake-up call for our citizens and urge us to take back our country.”

Lloyd McPhee

“I said Wow!!!!!! I understand now…so much false data that our society puts out creates so much confusion that a person can’t act on the situation …wondering, and figure-figure, and because they did not have the truth. I now have the truth, and can act and do something about the financial crisis.”

Mary Collins

“Speaking simply and powerfully John Truman Wolfe portrays the actual sequence of events which inexorably led to the financial crisis. John successfully brings to life a tale of greed, lust and ambition, complete with Simon Legree like protagonists dueling across the world stage. Like a great mystery novel, I could not stop reading until the bitter end!”

Pete Sokoloff
Investment Banker

“Thank you, John, for communicating truth in the midst of the chaos. It is difficult facing the condition our country is in and the destructive actions taking place within it. Your writings have truly helped to take the confusion out of the difficulty and lessened it with specific facts. You’ve not only filled in many of the missing pieces, but given who, what, where and when. Invaluable! “

Sally Prothers
Management Consultant

“One can’t act intelligently without information on which one can depend. The recent financial crises demands action. Wolfe cuts right through all the noise, naming names, places, events—all highly relevant. A riveting and must-read if one is to regain control in an out-of-control state of affairs.”

Tanii Carr
Benchmark Software, Inc.

“Your observations are so refreshing (to the point of chilling) in correctly targeting the key elements and developments! What a bracing antidote to the murky misdirections of the news media”

Tom Hall
TH Travel

“I was missing the real scene of what the Bank for International Settlements does, and what REALLY happened. You name names. You give a simple chronology of the events leading to our financial woes. You fill in the details that I’ve never seen. You pulled the cover off an amazing tangle of lies and deceits. I applaud you loudly for your well-thought-out and well-written works.”

Dave Kluge

“John, This is the most PLAUSIBLE explanation I have seen and the most OUTRAGEOUS! You show how & to whom America has been sold out.”

Healy Burnham, D.O.
Emergency Physician

“The more truth that gets out the better. When we get enough people recognizing the truth and willing to stand up and confront these &#*%*, at that time the reality and agreements will start to shift from what has been to what could be. That is something we have all fought for in the past and what we all need to continue to fight for in the present.”

Greg Andrews

“Eye opening! Factually shows what really caused the financial crisis. It didn’t “just happen”.

Larry Silver

“Your book provides invaluable information that provides an understanding of what keeps this world on the financial merry go round.”

Pat Luefan

“In time, the majority of upstanding good people will hear this message, and things will get very worrisome, to put it mildly, for those causing this calamity. These financial terrorists are bent on getting rid of the American middle class. Woe to those who attack American Patriots, and Freedom Lovers everywhere! Just wait until these good people learn your names……………………”

Rebecca Quick
Castlereigh Kennels

“The puppets can do something to improve their lot when they know who is pulling the strings.”

Sioux Hart

“When the really loud noise started in 2007 about the current financial insanity, I found myself glued to the various news stations desperately trying to make sense of the mess, particularly since my business is related to housing. The more I saw, the more confused I got. When I was fortunate enough to come across John Truman Wolfe’s brilliant expose it suddenly all made sense. Having realized that this debacle has a source behind it and a purpose as well, I now actually feel something can be done about it and I no longer get tossed in the wind by every opinion that comes my way. John just lays out the bare facts.”

Bruce Larsen
Larsen Landscape

“I received your writings as a breath of fresh air in an environment so heavily polluted with misinformation and propaganda. Our personal freedoms are being stripped away from us right under our nose but the inability to understand truly who is behind this and why they are doing it makes it very difficult to take the appropriate action to counter this. Thanks for staying vigilant and exposing the truth.”

Enrique Espinosa

“It’s funny to hear “experts” on TV telling the “inside story” of what’s caused the financial crisis and what they have to say is just a repackaged version of what the media and President have told us. It appears you have really done your homework and uncovered who is really pulling the strings.”

Jennifer Gottardi

“If ever you thought the international finance scene came about because of coincidences and simply poor management, these connections show you that it could not be so and bring to view the larger picture.”

Martin Weightman

“Scary and frankly shocking… but this is the first time that I got a full understanding of what is going on in the “underworld” of finances. Want to really know the cause of the economic crisis? Read this e-book right now!”

Patrick Valtin

“Knowing what has really happened and who did it and why actually empowered more than angered me. Understanding the truth made it easier to move forward!”

Rick Manning
RM Management Consulting

“Your research regarding the crisis is mind blowing and eye opening. It should be taught in business schools all over the globe. If not, the next one is just a matter of time, and it will be much worse.”

Yuval Ivankovski – M.Sc.
CEO – Business Diagnosis Institute

“The most accurate, understandable, honest to the core, truth til it hurts explanation of what is really happening in our financial universe that anyone will find anywhere.”

Donna Andrus

“Hard hitting data that opens the door to what is really going on. A must read for anyone who wants to know who and why. Infuriated me and now I know who needs to be dealt with. Severely”.

Fred King

“I read the PatriotPost three times a week, and there is usually some good financial info in there from Mark Alexander. I also read the Bellinger report and others. But unlike them, you have nailed down what’s actually happening to global finance and explained it in an easy-to-grasp manner; no small feat. Thanks for sharing your knowledge in a sane and understandable way.”

Jere Matlock

“This information on the current financial situation and how others have manipulated the system for their own agenda is a story that the media should be providing but for whatever reason has not. Thank you John for taking the time to research and make this known and understandable.”

Larry Trainor
Trainor Printing

“Having read and listened to all the media spin on the current economic situation, I was as confused as those who created the situation in the first place. Thank you for all the work you put into your articles. I read them and experienced a huge wave of relief. For the first time I could make sense of the whole scene. For the first time I didn’t have the feeling I was being manipulated or lied to.”

Pete Crundall

“Thank you for naming names (Goldman Sachs, Bank of International Settlements) and for seeing and telling it as it is. There is no shortage of information on our current financial crisis that almost gets it right — for me, you’ve got it right.”

Ron Flate
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“In a world filled with lies and propaganda your writing keeps me connected to the truth that I can sense struggling for breath underneath all the noise.”

Thomas A. Alston
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