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We published the current issue of Strategic Financial Intelligence today.

The issue is an in-depth look at the growing use and importance of both decentralized cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or Ethereum and centralized digital currencies, which are zeros and ones with which  central banks around the world – including the U.S. Federal Reserve – are seeking to replace your “cash” and monitor every single dollar you spend… and where.

What are the pluses and minuses of these two kinds of d digital currencies? What is the real intention behind this massive restructuring of the global monetary system?

If you are an investor in many of the top cryptos your capital gains from the last month alone are eye-watering.  Yes, bitcoin is making all the news. And well it should as it is trading in excess of $41,000 as I write this.

Price graph bitcoin

But there are others that are quietly booming “behind the scenes”. Here’s an example. Below is a graph of a crypto called Stellar.  I paid $10.6 cents for it in August. It is now trading for $29.6 cents. About 300% in four and a half months.

Price graph, Stellar.


I like analyzing these cryptos. It’s a whole new investment world. What made Stellar spike? They just signed a deal with the Ukrainian government to develop a national digital currency.

Some of the cryptos represent world class products and services. Some are nothing but hot air.

And while this is a whole new investment world, in many respects it is not really much different than the stock market. It is a new and a very volatile investment market. It is NOT an investment sector you should invest money in that you can’t afford to lose. Really.

I look at it as kind of a new playground. If you have some “mad money” – money you could lose and not blink – then it is a fascinating new field. For example, Ethereum, the #2 crypto in size behind bitcoin, represents a fantastic technology called blockchain. There is an explanation of blockchain in this new issue of Strategic Financial Intelligence, but this technology is changing the face of business and commerce globally.

I also cover the draconian surveillance nature of central bank digital currencies. This is something you need to be prepared for.

The issue is a broad look at this whole area, written in “simple” English. It also has some specific investment recommendations in cryptos and gold exploration companies. Each issue contains investment recommendations (as long as there are good investments to recommend).

The cost of Strategic Financial Intelligence (SFI) is $2 a week – $99 per year. I cover cryptocurrencies, precious metals, banking, and other areas of investment interest. And I occasionally cover the sordid machinations of the likes of George Soros and Bill Gates.

Subscribers have access to our entire archives going back several years covering things like offshore banking, the IMF and China’s intentions for a gold backed Yuan.

2021 is going to be a wild ride, politically and financially.

SFI will provide you with the financial intelligence that will help you stay abreast and ahead of the

rapidly changing world of finance and investment.

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