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by John Truman Wolfe

The duplicity of this administration has long since ceased to be a surprise to me.

The President has flip-flopped on a jaw-dropping number of issues; saying one thing in his honey-coated eloquence, and completely reversing himself at some future point out of political convenience.

The press, still mesmerized like groupies at a Bono concert, simply overlooks the chorus of broken promises covering everything from closing Gitmo, to lobbyist access, Cuba, Immigration reform, Iraq, campaign finance reform, ad nauseam.

But it isn’t just BHO that leaves a litany of broken promises in his wake. Consider the recent statement by Baby Face Timothy Geithner, which borders on the bizarre.

At a speech before the Council on Foreign Relations on April 26th, 2011, the G-Man said, “Our policy has been and will always be, as long, at least, as I am in this job, the strong dollar is in our interest as a country. And we will never embrace the strategy of trying to weaken our currency to gain economic advantage at the expense of our partners.”

Caution, if you are drinking milk, and laugh as hard as I did at that statement, it may come gushing out of your nose.

How this guy can look anyone in the eye and say this while the dollar has become a doormat on international currency markets under his “leadership” is an invitation to a front row seat in theater of the absurd. He has, in fact, done virtually everything in his power to weaken the dollar as evidenced by the Greenback’s descent from the king of currencies into the rough-and-tumble casino of international finance.

To prolong the comedy routine, on April 27, Fed Chairman Bernanke – the Bud Abbott to Geithner’s Lou Costello – said at a first ever Federal Reserve press conference, that the Federal Reserve was following a” Strong dollar policy…” and that the Fed’s policy, “…will lead to a strong and stable dollar because of US economic fundamentals.”

And with this last touch of preposterousness my friends I leave you with a President and his two top economic quarterbacks who have now become the Larry, Moe and Curly of American political speak.

Post Author: Bruce Wiseman

10 Replies to “The Return of the Three Stooges”

  1. Three Stooges indeed, although I think that Larry, Moe and Curly possessed more economic common-sense than these yahoos.
    Our government is like a Key Stone cops movie on automatic, slowly but surely sinking our country and the prosperity it still has the potential to create into a bottomless pit. And the media supinely follows “Moe” (the Prez) around sniffing at his behind hoping for a a tidbit that they can crow over and sound important and intelligent and signifigant for the 50 or so Americans out there who still take them seriously.
    We live in interesting times. Let’s see how much more “intersesting” it is going to get.

    Guy Zino

  2. This is so right on the money! It amazes me that the media still supports this as if they will be shielded from the ramifications of the economy. Do they have “preferred” dollars that are worth more than our dollar?

    Thanks John!


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