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The War on Cash: Causes and Cures

February 12, 2016

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That we are moving at light speed to a cashless society is not the plan of some future dystopian agenda.

It is happening now.

The media flanking PR includes articles, editorials and opinion pieces from the elite of the financial press and mega-banking institutions on the planet including: the Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Bloomberg, Harvard, Citibank, JP Morgan Chase and a host of others.

Moreover, virtually every major country and / or central bank in the world has instituted restrictions on the use or ownership of cash. I mean everybody has jumped on this bandwagon.

Cash is bad, it’s dirty, it is used by criminals, it is a relic, it’s analog!

The war includes such acts of government sanctioned financial terrorism as teams of the French Financial Police going through trains in France and confiscating cash from people traveling through the country that exceeds the limit set by the French government.

You think this is something out of a science fiction novel?.

“France passed another new Draconian law; from the summer of 2015, it will now impose cash requirements dramatically trying to eliminate cash by force. French citizens and tourists will only be allowed a limited amount of physical money. They have financial police searching people on trains just passing through France to see if they are transporting cash, which they will now seize.”


Because, central bankers, who control governments, want to implement negative interest rates. This means the depositor not only does not receive interest on his deposit, but pays the bank to hold the money.

This is occurring now at major banks in the United States and Europe as we speak.

This dramatically increases bank revenue and cuts the expense of handling that filthy paper. It can also stop bank runs.

But if the banks institute sweeping negative interest rates, depositors will take their money out of the bank and put it in safes at home, or under the mattress, in the cookie jar, or in the out house.

But if money is digital….no can do.

And governments benefit in a number of ways. Hopelessly addicted to spending like heroin junkies they frantically look for the only fix that can soothe their lust: taxes.

Digital money gives them access to the zeros and ones that can feed their insatiable compulsion to spend.

And then, of course, they will be able to stick their digital nose into any and all of your financial transactions – the ultimate totalitarian control mechanism.

This agenda is in full swing globally as we speak. As just one example, Israel has established a committee to turn their nation into an entirely cashless society.

Will Israel be the first cashless society on the entire planet?  A committee chaired by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s chief of staff has come up with a three phase plan to “all but do away with cash transactions in Israel”

What does one do in the face of a global fiscal jihad?

There are solutions.

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The War on Cash Gets a New Honcho

February 7, 2016

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The War on Cash Gets a New Honcho

Next month (March, 2016), the largest bank in the United States, J.P. Morgan Chase, will demand ID for customers to deposit cash.

Yep. You want to put some greenbacks in your Chase account, flash a passport or driver’s license or birth certificate.

They’re sorry for the inconvenience, but, hey, they are protecting us.

  • “Customers will need to be prepared to show an ID ….

These requirements apply only to cash deposits made to personal accounts at a branch and do not affect other types of deposits, including check deposits.

Some of our branches are already enforcing these requirements; all of our branches will be enforcing them by March 3rd.

We’re trying to do more to combat money laundering and other criminal activities. Changes like this help us to do that. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

For those that want to know the strategy now at play in the world of money, banking and finance, check out this ground breaking look behind the wizard’s curtain of global finance and what you can do about it.


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Banking, Deflation and Negative Interest Rates

February 2, 2016

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Like some quietly evolving financial virus, the world of banking is changing before our very eyes.

Perhaps it is striking your awareness. Perhaps not.

But there are steps you should take to stay ahead of this.

There are a number of factors at play here.

  1. Sovereign debt has soared to $200 trillion (Sovereign debt is the amount of borrowing by independent – sovereign – nations).
  2. Derivatives, casino like bets by banks and other financial institutions, has reached $1.2 Quadrillion. Yes, that’s a Q.
  3. There is a major global effort to eliminate cash as a form of money and replace it with digital money – zeroes and ones.

Sound impossible?

One example: Norway’s biggest bank has called for the elimination of cash.

There is growing evidence of this agenda in the U.S. and internationally.

  1. We are in a deflationary environment (short def: more goods and services available than money available to buy them = prices go down). Interest rates have actually turned negative in Europe, and now in Japan.

And several knowledgeable sources have predicted they are coming here. I would agree. (Treasury bill are currently paying 0%).

What are negative interest rates?

This means that you pay the bank or the government for holding your money. For example, a government entity issues a bond. Traditionally, the city, state or federal government would pay the investor who bought the bonds an interest rate. Say, again just for example, 5%. You buy a $50,000 bond and the government pays you $2,500 per year in interest until the bond matures and they pay you the principal.


You buy a CD at your bank that pays you 2%.

But now, in Europe and Japan, the bank or the government is charging you for the privilege of holding your funds. You buy the bond for $50,000. The government pays you no interest and when the bond matures, they give you $49,500.

Here’s a look at Swiss interest rates. See how they have dipped below zero.






Swiss Rates

When the bubble breaks – see 1 & 2 above – and to me it is not a question of if, but when, bank holidays (temporary bank closures) will ensue. There will, of course, be other ramifications, but “Bank Holidays” (cute euphemism) are a likely occurrence.

I am not writing this to freak you out. But this situation continues to deteriorate, and one can’t stick one’s head in the sand either.

Here are a few simple steps to take to give yourself some protection and breathing room.

  1. If you bank with one of the big “Money Center,” multi-branch banks (e.g. Bank of America, J.P. Morgan Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo) I would encourage you to move your banking to a smaller regional or local independent bank or a credit union. The switching may occasion a bit of inconvenience, but these larger banks are pregnant with exposure to the derivatives casino.
  1. Take some Andy Jacksons or Ben Franklins out of the bank and put them in a safe at home. The amount is up to you, but I would suggest that you accumulate a month’s expenses in actual cash. Remember if banks close, your ATM won’t function and credit card limits could be reduced to the balance due.

Important datum: in a deflationary environment, cash is king.

  1. If you don’t have any precious metals (silver and gold bullion coins) buy some. I recommend 1 oz. silver coins called silver eagles. As a minimum, I would accumulate a month’s expenses in silver eagles (they are currently about $17.50 a piece as I write this on January 31, 2016).

Check locally for a reputable bullion coin dealer.

If you need or want some expanded individual consulting or advise on these and / or related matters, I do provide such on a professional basis. You can contact me at

However, I have not written this alert to promote this consultation service. I do provide the service and am happy to do so, but this is simply a general alert to friends and associates because of the growing evidence to hand. While this is an area I have written about in books and articles for some time, the fact that the Bank of Japan instituted negative interest rates in the third largest economy on earth Friday (January 29, 2016) prompted me to provide some rudimentary steps folks should take in this increasingly precarious world of banking and finance.


Keep your powder dry.











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