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–– L.B., CEO. 

Those that read my newsletter, The Hard Truth (www.thehardtruthmag.com), know that I am no fan of the stock market and haven’t been for a long time.

That said, in the last few months I have been warning that we are at or are approaching a market top.

It definitely seems to have arrived. 

The Dow Jones industrial average has declined more than 4,000 points in the last 2½ months.

It has fallen from 26,828 on October 3rd to 22,445 on December 21st.

I discussed this briefly in a media interview with Kerry Lutz of the Financial Survival Network a couple of days ago and you can listen to that 15-minute interview here if you like.


For those looking to stash some reserves, I recommend 1-ounce silver eagles. Any reputable bullion dealer would have them.


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You don’t have to have a degree in political science (what a joke, calling politics a science) to see that the political scene in Washington has devolved into a circus of the absurd – some of which goes beyond the absurd into the dangerous and is an assault on individual liberty.

And so, occasionally I write investigative pieces covering what is happening in the nation’s capital and who is behind it.

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Let me also wish you an absolutely fantastic Christmas and the most prosperous new year imaginable.